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Monday, October 3, 2011




Box of 60's
Now you can get MX3 NATURAL PURE XANTHONE capsules that contain a dense volume of the extremely powerful antioxidant known as a Xanthone. MX3 capsule is one of the brilliant inventions that have come out of the world of Garcinia mangostana.
Everybody deserves a healthy body to enjoy life better. You may be at the prime of your life, a executive, or young and health conscious. This Product is for you to gain vim and vigor.
Discover life to the fullest!
"MX3 NATURAL PURE XANTHONE from the real fruit-one of nature's miracles."


Box of 10's (10g/sachet)
MX3 Coffee Mix is a blend of Garcinia mangostana and premium coffee in such a way that they become art...the art of coffee!
The Garcinia mangostana's rind and white inner fruit are rich in some of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered, blended with coffee for richer taste.


9MX3 Maxant Bar Soap has XANTHONE, a natural potent antioxidant component that decreases protect and fights the skin against bacteria that cause fungal and bacterial infection, body odor, skin irritation, inflammation, rashes, blemishes, eczema and dandruff contain no harsh ingredients that might dry or irritate the skin. 

The Healing power of MX3

Now a days there’s  a lot of  herbal  products exist in out time now , one of those herbal products
Is what we called mx3 natural pure xanthone.  This herbal product contains a dense  volume of
The extremely powerful antioxidant known as a xanthone. There’s some testimonial that 
I read already they stated that the mx3 capsule help them to have a better bowel movement
And improve there sleeping pattern. (Dr. Julius Ceasar Mirto, Dentist ) . And for Ma. Luisa M. Jacinto
She said that for two months of taking the Garcinia Mangostana Xanthone(MX3) she felt more energetic
And active and her skin  has  become clearer  and smoother. And she also promoted that taking Garcinia
Mangostana Xanthone(Mx3) Capsule can also help for menopausal  women.  Dr. Steve Tan testify that
Taking up Mx3  can reduce blood sugar even without exercise, and he can sleep well at night. Lately he always takes up Rx Medicine just to lower his blood sugars until he took Mx3 for his adjunct therapy.
Dr. Natividad Fuentes , MD testify that Mx3 is like a energy drink because lately she always get tired
At work and she always have unfinished office works .And she had thyroid operation 20 years ago
And lately she felt again a mass same site of her last operation  5x5 cm. or more. But after taking Mx3 
The mass reduces in size and she felt energetic everyday .
These testimonials gathered prove that Garcinia Mangostana Xanthone(Mx3) is more powerful
Those other natural products exist.